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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Informative Essay on Second Hand Smoking

Just because you do not smoke those hot cigarette butts does not necessarily mean that you are safe from the harmful effects of it. Your dad sips some sticks at a time, your friends puff out some imported cigars, you walk along the road and pass through people of different sizes, sipping and puffing that cloudy white smoke right into your innocent face. Now who says you’re safe?

Inhaling smoke produced by those seemingly devil-may-care individuals is termed as second hand smoking or passive smoking; so technically, it means smoking without actually having any contact with the cigarette itself. The smoke that can be exhaled can be side stream, or those produced by the burning end of the cigar; or mainstream, the ones exhaled by the smoker himself. So whether you are puffing or not, when you are exposed, you inhale as much of those harmful chemicals like those smokers do.

And what do these chemicals do? Well, they can give you cancer. The smoke produced by the cigarette contains cancer causing agents, also known as carcinogens. The more you inhale side stream smoke, the more you are prone to have cancer, especially those affecting the respiratory system. There is also an increase in the risk for breast cancer, and fetal abnormalities of unborn children in gestating women. Breathing problems are also a common effect, caused by the discomforts in the chest, disruption in proper lung functions, severe mucus production in the mucosal linings of the respiratory system, and coughing. These, among many others, are some of the most harmful effects of second hand smoke.

Although smokers claim that their habit helps them relieve their tension and provide a soothing effect, it is always important that they remember the devastating effects of their irresponsibility. If these people do not have the slightest care for their own health, they should at least care for those of others. Non-smokers should also be vigilant for their health by reminding those not-so-careful smokers of the effects of their carelessness, especially if they are friends, family, relatives, or even mere acquaintances and strangers if the need arises. Let us all be responsible individuals; not only to ourselves, but also to the welfare of others.

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