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Friday, September 16, 2011

Essay on Reasons to Quit Smoking - Smokers Are Not Good Lovers

Are you looking for facts about smoking or smoking side effects or reasons to quit smoking?

Recent studies show that smoking may have an effect on a smokers’ sexual health.  The study which was published in the British Journal of Urology International was conducted by Christopher Harte and Cindy Meston.  They found tat men who successfully stopped smoking improved on lab measurements of sexual health compared to those who relapsed after a quit-smoking program.

Previous studies already suggest that long-term smokers are twice as likely to have impotence compared to non-smokers.  This is because smoking can slow down blood vessel dilation which is essential to “light up.”  
However, there were no studies about the benefits of quitting smoking on a person’s sexual health.  The present study highlights the importance of quitting smoking.  The participants in the study were shown a racy film and in the process their sexual response were measured. They also filled up surveys about their sexual functions outside of the laboratory.

The study found that those who quit smoking had greater increase in penile growth compared to those who did not quit smoking.  

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