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Friday, September 16, 2011

Essay on Smoke-Free Campus - Students Encouraged to Stop Smoking

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A good idea on essay on smoking can be the efforts among students and faculty members to encourage smokers to stop smoking inside the campus.  Nowadays, more students and faculty members are taking the initiative to encourage smokers to quit.

The stop smoking program campaign started in early 2000.  According to Ty Patterson, the former vice president of Student Affairs at the Ozarks Technical Community in Springfield, Missouri, they were the first college who started the smoke-free campus in 2003.  As of 2010, 120 campuses have been added to the smoke-free list.  As of July 2011, more than 500 college campuses have joined the smoke-free campus spree.

Smokers who are caught smoking inside the campus are politely asked to dispose of the cigarette and given information about the harmful effects of smoking on their health. They are also properly advised on the resources available inside the campus that can help them quit smoking.

Different colleges have different policies on how to approach violation of the no-smoking policy.  In some campuses first violation will merit a warning while a second violation will merit a $15 fine or two hours spent picking up tobacco litter.  The next violations will result in probation or the student will be asked to leave school.

The smoke-free campus is a trend in many campuses nowadays.  It is a sign that smoking has become socially unacceptable.  It is also a sign of awareness among students, faculty members and school administrators about the dangers of smoking and that something can be done to help protect the students against the dangers of smoking.  

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